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FAQ's about the east riding competitions

Teams are free to sign on players with their league and these players will normally be eligible to play for their team immediately having been signed.

Rules for player registration for semi-finals and finals differ and again we would direct you to the rule booklet. 

This can and will vary according to each competition.

All Sunday cups operate a repeat substitution rule. Players may start, be replaced, and then come back on again. Five substitutes are allowed for Sunday competitions; these must be named prior to the start of the game.

For Saturday cups the rules regarding the number and type of substitution varies. You should consult the rule booklet carefully. 

Complaints should be made, in writing accompanied by the appropriate fee, within 5 days of a tie being played (Sundays not included).
The CFA will only entertain complaints made by the club secretary. 


Once the first round draws have been made no other teams can be added into a competition. 

County Cup games take preference over league fixtures and therefore normally a county cup game postponed on a Saturday or Sunday will be played the next week.

However if circumstances allow a preferable alternative outcome the Competition Committee will consider this. 

Almost without exception entry into a cup competition is mandatory. Teams should plan well ahead if they are playing at an unfamiliar ground and contact opponents well in advance to arrange the best way to get there. Teams dropping out are likely to be fined.

If your team is playing in a different competition to the one the transferred player has played in, then they may represent you. A player cannot play for two teams in the same competition. 

The Competition Committee will not entertain a player moving down, i.e. Having played in an ‘A’ or first team cup competition, a player may not then play for a ‘B’ or second team in a County Cup. Under some circumstances a player, having played for the lower placed team may then play for the higher placed team in another round. Check with the office please. 

All clubs affiliated to the ERCFA are entitled to enter into one competition. If your club has more than one team, each team may enter a competition. 


You can do this by reporting to the text from Full-Time

Match report forms can be found on this page under the document downloads or you can send in your result card.

Email Liz Shipp Competitions Secretary, or ring 07879016794 as soon as possible.  You must notify your opponents, the appointed referee and your own league.

If you have not heard from the opposition at least 4 days before the fixture then you must contact Liz Shipp

All kick-off times are standard if your kick-off time is different, email Liz Shipp Competitions Secretary, or ring 07879016794 as soon as possible.

Email Liz Shipp Competitions Secretary, liz.shipp@eastridingfa.comor ring 07879016794 as soon as possible.

Clubs are equally responsible for officials fees and expenses in all round except semi-finals and finals.

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