All football played within Hull and East Riding must be affiliated with East Riding County FA.



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What is Affiliation?

All Clubs must affiliate to East Riding County Football Association. Affiliation acts as a quality assurance and as a safety net to help protect players, Clubs, officials and administrators throughout the game.

The major benefits from affiliation to CFA include:

• Allows entry into Affiliated Leagues

• Provision of suitable Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance cover for your Club, team and players

• Eligibility to participate in County FA competitions

• Eligibility to participate in National FA competitions

• Opportunities to apply for grant aid and funding from The FA

• Access to information and advice from the County FA personnel, FA Regional Development Manager and FA Regional Facility Managers

• Access to FA and County FA publications and resources

• Opportunities to participate in FA football development schemes such as Charter Standard Awards

• The opportunity to make your Club’s view known on the future development of the game to both County FA’s and The FA.

Clubs must affiliate to their parent County Football Association, and also to the appropriate League that they wish to join. 

In addition to this any small-sided competitions, cup competitions and one-off matches must also be sanctioned with East Riding County FA.

How Do I Affiliate?

  • Clubs have been invited to affiliate electronically for next season through the Whole Game System (WGS) by following this link:
  •  Passwords can be re-set using the following link (even if you have not used our online services previously):
  •  Once you have logged into your Club Dashboard, click onto the 'Club Secretary’ tab, then click on ‘Affiliation 2017-2018’ on the left hand side of the screen to complete the affiliation process.
  •  Please be aware that clubs can complete the affiliation process gradually so do not worry if you do not have time to complete the process in one sitting. You will find that your club information has been carried over from the previous season. Please take time to check that this is all correct, and amend any information where necessary.
  •  The Portal will recognise which County Cup Competition your team is eligible to enter. It is mandatory for every club to enter their first team into a County Cup Competition. Also it is mandatory for all U18 and U16 male teams to enter into a county cup competition. It is optional for U14 Boys and U14 & U16 girls teams to enter. All County Cup Competitions are 11-a-side:
  •              For teams that play on a Saturday enter "Saturday" into the Cup box
  •              For male teams that play on a Sunday enter "Sunday (men)" into Cup box
  •              Women's team should enter "Sunday(female") into the Cup box
  •              Male U16 & U18 should enter "Youth" into the Cup box
  •              Male U14  should enter "Junior (male)" into the Cup box
  •              Female U14 & U16 should enter "Junior (female)" into the box
  •  Once you have completed your affiliation and clicked 'Submit for Approval' on Step 7, we will then review your application. Once your application has been approved by the CFA, an invoice for your affiliation fees will be generated, and you will be notified accordingly.
  •  Payment can either then be made via the WGS Portal via a secure payment page (Barclaycard Smartpay), alternatively you can print off a copy of your invoice and make a payment via cheque or cash (into the office) if you prefer.

 Please note that your affiliation number for Season 2017-2018 will only be generated upon successful receipt of payment, it can no longer be generated any sooner.

 What if I am a new club?

If you are setting up a new Club starting up this season, you must also affiliate to the County FA.  You will firstly need to contact the East Riding County FA with the proposed club name, and secretary details, and ages and gender of teams intending to play. The East Riding County FA will then approve your name, and send the invitation to the Club Secretary who can then go on and use the online system to affiliate as in the instructions above 

If you have any queries about affiliation, do not hesitate to contact either Tina Edwards or Rhea Fox on 01482 221158 or email