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Tournaments, Friendlies and Competitions

All tournaments, friendlies and competitions must be sanctioned. This includes summer tournaments, mid week competitions and charity games.

It is important to recognise that an un-affiliated Tournament, Friendly or Competition renders a Club’s Insurance invalid, with participating teams and referees at risk of not being covered by their existing public liability or personal accident cover. Un-affiliated competitions are also not governed by the East Riding FA's disciplinary process which means players, coaches and referees are potentially at risk. 

Benefits of affiliating your Tournament, Friendly or Competition.

- Permitted to use registered referees (registered referees are not permitted to officiate in un-affiliated football)
- Coverage under club public liability insurance
- County FA approval of rules
- County FA assistance - if you wish an East Riding FA representation at your event, please contact Clubs and Participation Development Officer Chris Johnson
- Promotion of your tournament via the East Riding FA
- Ensure that the tournament meets club / East Riding FA safeguarding requirements


If you require a match official for your fixture then please contact the appropriate referee appointment officers listed below:

Saturday Adult Men's (Humber Premier League & East Riding County League) |  Trevor Rose - 01482 781632

Sunday Adult Men's (Hull Sunday Men's Football League) | Ian McLane – 07939 460955 /

Sunday Adult Women's (East Riding Women's League) |  Ian McLane - 07939 460955 /

Hull & District Youth League | Pete Harris – 07833 207909 /

East Riding Girls League | John Blades – 07759 201509 / 

Hull and District Veterans League | Steve Jackson - 01482 620452

Tournaments, Competitions and Step 6 and above | Mark Brown – 01482 221158 /

If a tournament, friendly or competition is not sanctioned by the East Riding FA, then all competing clubs and participating referees will not be covered by their public liability / personal accident insurance. Referees will also not be able to submit any disciplinary reports to the County FA.

Referees who participate in un-sanctioned tournaments, competitions or fixtures could face discipline action. 

Tournaments, friendlies or competitions involving children aged under 6 will not be sanctioned.

The FA regulations are clear and state:

"A child who has not attained the age of 6 shall not play and shall not be permitted or encouraged to play in a match of any kind”. 
In addition, the East Riding FA will not affiliate or sanction any Under 6 age groups to play in competitive matches; all children who have attained the age of 6 can therefore only play in Under 7 age groups.

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 friendly and charity game SANCTIONING

Please complete the form below.

Please note completing this form does not guarantee that your game has been sanctioned as both teams MUST be affiliated to the East Riding FA prior to kick off. Click here for more information how to affiliate to the East Riding FA.

tournaments, FRIENDLIES AND competition sanctioning

Please note the fee for tournament sanctioning is £20 plus £1 per team.

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