Club of the Month

Bridlington Rovers AFC

Club of the Month
January 2024


The East Riding FA Club of the Month award recognizes the clubs in our county who are going above and beyond to create a fun, safe and inclusive environment for people to play and enjoy football.

The winner of this month’s award is Bridlington Rovers AFC.

Based in the northeast of the county Rovers are Bridlington’s oldest club and have been providing opportunities for people to play and volunteer in grassroots football since 1903.

Supported by a dedicated group of over 30 volunteers the club is England Football 1-Star accredited and has close to 400 registered players and 17 affiliated sides.

Based firmly at the heart of the community the club is proud to provide opportunities for people to play and enjoy grassroots football. People from all backgrounds and abilities are invited to be part of the club with the volunteers at Bridlington Rovers working with the Towns other sporting organisations to make sure that barriers to participation are broken down.

Club Secretary Nicholas Brunton said; “We are deeply connected to various local sporting organizations operating under the Bridlington Children and Young Peoples Centre umbrella. This means parents often drop one child off for football while another is participating in boxing for example.”

Whilst other clubs have seen a decline in participation by adults Bridlington Rovers have bucked the trend with the club boasting the largest number of adult teams in the county. This includes being able to field six teams in the East Riding County League as well as having two sides in the Hull and District Veterans League, an over 60s Walking Football team and a team playing in the East Riding Women’s League.

When asked how the club has managed to field so many adult sides Nicholas Brunton said; “Prior to establishing our own junior teams, we forged strong connections with local junior teams lacking adult counterparts. Collaborating closely with coaches and players, we facilitated a seamless transition from junior to adult football. This commitment continued as we entered junior football, complemented by additional support for coaches in administrative and financial aspects from other dedicated club volunteer's

The volunteers who manage the club are determined to keep providing opportunities for people from the local area to play football.

When asked what the future holds Club Secretary Nicholas Brunton said, “Our vision is to offer a comprehensive range of teams for boys and girls with opportunities for them to progress through to traditional open-aged football and then to veterans, over 50s, over 60s, and walking football.”

East Riding FA Clubs and Participation Officer Chris Johnson said, “Bridlington Rovers AFC are a great example of what can be achieved by working collaboratively with other organisations. Their partnership with Bridlington CYP has afforded them a fantastic playing and training facility which means that they can continue to grow the club.”

When asked what it means to be named East Riding FA Club of the Month Nicholas Brunton said, “Acknowledging the abundance of outstanding clubs in our area, being recognized among them is a tremendous privilege and honour. We're delighted to be doing what we love, sharing it with others, and making a positive impact on the local community.”

If your club deserves recognition then please click here and make your nomination for next month’s award.