Match Offical Appointments

County Cup Finals
2023 / 2024

County Cup Final Match Official Appointments Confirmed

On behalf of the East Riding FA Referees' Committee, we are delighted to confirm the match official appointments for the 2023 / 24 season East Riding County Cup Finals.

Being appointed to a County Cup Final comes as a result of the match officials’, performances, dedication, hard work and commitment to refereeing in East Riding over the course of the season.

East Riding FA Referee Development Officer Mark Brown said, "We are delighted to be able to reward so many of the regions registered referees with a County Cup Final. Through my own personal experiences i know that County Cup Finals are always prestigious occasions and this seasons appointed match officials are deserving of such games."

On behalf of everyone at the East Riding FA we wish our appointed match officials all the very best ahead of their games and we urge team officials, players and supporters to show respect and encouragement the third team to take to the field on cup final day.

9 April Presidents Cup  B Pharoah  J Dunford  T Dyble  C Barker 
11 April Women's Cup  N Hunt  W Mallan  C NewtonoSperring  P Warren 
16 April Vice Presidents Cup C Calvert  K Ward  K Pick  P Dodsworth 
18 April Girls U16 Cup A Mell S Spruce G English M Rankin Boynton
23 April Senior Cup M Wright K Kent P Cook L Tompkins
23 April Girls U14 Cup H Gregory A Lonsdale C Palmer C Hookem
25 April Girls U18 Cup J Smith G Yardley J Rowley C Hookem
30 April Intermediate Cup C Caskey A Alhardi K Pick M Black
7 May  Junior Country Cup K Kent R McNaughton  H Searby T Dyble
8 May Senior Country Cup C Hoyle G Tindall S Clark M Edwards
14 May Malcolm Jackman Cup N Ridsdale G English T Tock M Black
15 May Alf Bolder Cup J Blades A Lonsdale Z Lonsdale M Bickerstff
16 May Frank Varey / Dr Lilley Cup S Pearson D Shimmin D Pearson A Kipling