More Than Just Football Award

Elliot Crick

East Riding FA More Than Just Football Award
Elliot Crick

Elliot Crick

East Riding FA More Than Just Football Award


The More Than Just Football Award is awarded quarterly and celebrates the clubs, leagues and people who are doing extraordinary things. They set the bar high and do more than just football.

They do exceptional things, show incredible generosity and inspire others.

The winner of the latest More Than Just Football Award is Elliot Crick of Hedon Rangers U11s Royals.

For the last two years and unbeknown to his teammates and coaches Elliot has been growing his hair so that he could donate it to the Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust was created by the parents of Hannah Tarplee after she tragically died due to contracting a Wilms tumour. During her treatment Hannah sadly lost all her hair which had a devastating impact on her. It was during the search for a suitable wig that the family decided to launch a charity dedicated to providing real hair wigs for children and young people who were suffering from cancer and other conditions.

Elliot’s incredible donation is being recognised not only because of the incredibly unselfish act but because of the adversity he has suffered as a result of him growing his hair. 

Despite being able to find sanctuary within his team setting Elliot hasn’t always enjoyed the kindness of reactions from people around him.

The team here at East Riding FA were overwhelmed to hear of Elliot’s incredible donation to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that brings so much joy and happiness to young people who are suffering from such devastating conditions.

We think Elliot’s unassuming gesture deserves recognition not only because of his stunning donation but also because of the way he has conducted himself throughout this time.

Elliot is a true inspiration to his teammates and the people around him which is why we think that he is deserving of the East Riding FA More Than Just Football Award.

East Riding FA Participation and Communications Officer Chris Johnson said; "Elliot's actions are completely selfless and he is a great example to others. He didn't want any recognition for his incredible donation but we thought it was important to shine a light on this amazing act of generosity."

Elliot will now receive a nomination for an award at the 2024 East Riding FA Grassroots Football Awards.

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