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England Football Accreditation Workshop

The deadline for clubs to complete their England Football Accreditation renewal is Sunday 30th April 2023.

To help clubs complete their accreditation renewal and learn more about how to become England Football Accredited we are hosting two online workshops which are open to all affiliated clubs.

England Football Accreditation is the new framework for Club and League accreditation and replaces FA Charter Standard. England Football Accreditation helps clubs and leagues create the experiences and environments where players, coaches, officials, referees, volunteers and spectators can thrive. Accreditation is a clear signal to your community that you value the importance of being an accessible, safe and sustainable club or league.

We appreciate that over the last two years clubs have not had to reaccredit and the criteria for becoming accredited has changed slightly. Therefore, the purpose of these workshops is to help club officials understand the process and how to navigate the new Club Portal system.


The workshops will be delivered on the following dates:

Tuesday 14th February - 3pm

Monday 27th February - 8pm

Both workshops will be delivered online using Microsoft Teams.

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To learn more about England Football Accreditation please click here