Amy Eades - Withernsea AFC

Amy Eades

Unsung Hero of the Month
April 2023



The East Riding FA Unsung Hero of the Month award recognizes individuals in our county who are going above and beyond to create a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for people to play and enjoy football.


We know that grassroots football in our county is supported by an amazing group of people who put their heart and soul into supporting the game for the benefit of others. This award is our way of recognizing and celebrating their efforts.


The winner of this month’s award is Amy Eades.


Amy is the secretary at Withernsea AFC and plays an integral role in the successful running of the club. A club which is two-star England Football Accredited and provides football for over 200 players.


Whilst Amy is now fully integrated into grassroots football in East Riding, she is the first to admit that football hasn’t always been her passion; “Prior to having children I was not involved with the football club or football in general. I basically knew nothing! But along came my son James in 2013 and the journey started.”


When asked how she become club secretary Amy said, “At first, I was a laid-back parent just watching my son at training, but then my husband took over as manager of the team and then the football life began to slowly taker over. I’d help collect subs and help with any admin bits. From this I became more interested in the running of the club and then put myself forward for a role on the clubs committee. At the time the secretary was thinking of stepping down due to other commitments which is when I then took on the role.”


As well as being club secretary Amy is also a full time Police Community Support Officer and has two young children. Her commitment to the club and local community is unwavering though and she fulfils a multitude of roles which include renewing the clubs England Football accreditation, managing the club’s cashless subscription system, organising the club’s summer and winter training schedules and being part of the team that organises the clubs annual summer tournament.


Despite the enormous time commitment Amy finds the role immensely rewarding.


Amy said, “This role is important to me because I do feel like I am making a difference, I want to get as many children involved with football as possible. When I started, we had 3 adult teams and 9 youth teams. We now have 3 adult teams and 17 youth teams, one of which is all girls. I did have a mission at the start to have 2 teams per age group, and so far, we are succeeding.”


As with most voluntary roles in grassroots football there is challenges with implementing change and managing the growth of the club just two of the examples given. Amy though continues to work hard for the benefit of others and was delighted when she learned that she was being awarded the East Riding FA Unsung Hero of the Month award for April.


“I couldn’t believe it. I don’t feel I have been at the club long enough to win such an award. However, I am so grateful and chuffed that I have, it goes without saying though that Withernsea AFC is run by a wonderful group of people who all help each other and we are all striving to improve the club the best way possible.”


East Riding FA participation and Communications Officer Chris Johnson said’ We are delighted to present Amy with her award. Amy is doing a fantastic job at Withernsea AFC and has over the last two years played an instrumental role in helping transform the club.”

If you know someone who deserves recognition for their contribution to grassroots football, then please click here and nominate them for next month’s award.