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Upcoming Grassroots Football Coach Workshops

England Football Learning - Grassroots Football Coach Workshops

As part of our commitment to improving the playing experience for young people in East Riding we are delighted to offer coaches in our region the opportunity to take part in three pre-season workshops. 

Each workshop has a unique theme and will be led by experienced FA County Coach Developers. Talking place through out June the workshops will give coaches practical idea and tips which can be delivered in a range of settings.

Demand is expected to be high so we urge you book your place early so that you don't miss out on these fantastic opportunities. 

continued proffesional development

What is CPD?

CPD refers to a practical or online learning opportunity – such as a regional workshop, an FA conference, online courses and webinars – that are delivered outside of England Football Learnings formal qualification pathways.

Why is it important?

Coaching, as both a vocation and a profession, never stands still. It’s always evolving and always seeking out the newest innovations, emerging trends and latest best practice. 

This is where CPD comes in. These events are not only crucial in exposing you as a coach to up-to-date thinking and methods, but they’ll also give you the skills needed to create and sustain modern learning environments for your players.