Ollie 1400

Ollie Adamson

Unsung Hero of the Month
March 2022


The East Riding FA Unsung Hero of the Month award recognizes those individuals in our county who are going above and beyond to create a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for people to play and enjoy football.

We know that grassroots football in our county is supported by an amazing group of volunteers who put their heart and soul into supporting the game for the benefit of others. This award is our way of recognizing and celebrating their efforts.

The winner of this month’s award is Ollie Adamson from Beverley Town FC.

Ollie currently coaches with his father Paul at the Beverley Town Pan Disability Football sessions and he is credited with helping ensure that young people in our county have the opportunity to play football regardless of their ability or impairment. Ollie champions participation and recognises that football is for all. 

The players, parents, carers and officials at Beverley Town think that Ollie deserves recognition for not only being an outstanding young coach but also for your commitment to providing playing opportunities for all. The confidence he has given to countless young people over the past 8 years is incredible as is the time and dedication he has committed.

When asked what a typical Friday night for Ollie looked like he said; "It is all about making sure the children are engaged and making sure they enjoy themselves. We only have one rule at our football sessions and that is that the children MUST have fun! My role is trying my best to make sure the children have fun, engage with the session and take away new skills."

Despite there being countless distractions there is no place that Ollie would rather be on a Friday night. Ollie said; "There is no better feeling than having a positive impact on the children’s week and knowing that they are looking forward to a Friday night is amazing. Seeing them being happy and developing different types of skills together is something I’m really proud to contribute towards."

When asked why Ollie volunteers his time with a Pan Disability football session he said; "More people should get involved as the benefit you can have on the individuals is unmatched. The effect you can have on their lives can be lifechanging so making sure we give people equal opportunities is a must which is why I think more sessions like ours should be made available."

For someone so young Ollie has taken on a tremendous responsibility why is why we are delighted to present this award. Upon receiving it Ollie said; "I’m very happy to have been presented with this award, although it is not the reason I coach the sessions and I couldn’t do it without the continued support of everyone at the football session we all love".

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If know someone who deserves recognition for their contribution to grassroots football then please click here and nominate them for next months award.