Weetabix Wildcats

Vacancy - Community Champions

During the 2021 / 22 season the FA are looking to deploy one Community Champion and one one Weetabix Wildcats Community Champion to support the Grassroots Game in East Riding.


These roles will be aligned to ensure that they have a skilled and empathetic workforce to support the growth of recreational football for all communities who are currently disproportionately represented across the game.


To do this the FA will use a diverse workforce of people and integral allies from the communities in which we wish to extend the provision of football in a way that is right for them and their needs.


As part of our community champion offer, the FA have some principles of support that allow them to give structure to the roles. The roles will be:


BESPOKE - Made for a particular need in a certain area or community to encourage and support new people into roles as deliverer, volunteer, and coach. 


CONNECTED - Work and are familiar within the community they wish to help creating greater confidence for community members to ‘step over the side-lines' and become involved with their local clubs.


PERSONAL - Built on relationships, trust, a purpose, and emotions rather than just a career. 


LEARNING - Being curious in finding new appropriate and creative ways of empowering, engaging, and inspiring others to feel they belong.


Application Process:


If you wish to be considered for a Community Champion position, please click the on application link at the bottom of the page and attach your CV and cover letter. Please note that only electronic applications via the FA portal will be accepted.  


Please find below the information regarding the specific roles and counties in which these roles are available, and we would ask that you highlight which role and county you would like to be considered for in your applicationPlease note it is not possible to complete multiple roles therefore please only apply for the one that best suits your skillset and location. 


Please Note: You will be asked to complete some questions on the application form. To avoid the form timing out and you losing your work, we advise you type up your answers in to a Word document first and then paste the answers in to the form.


Should you have any questions please e-mail Sharon.Muxworthy@thefa.com 


Due to the anticipated high volume of applications we will only be able to provide individual feedback to those that reach interview stage of the process.


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