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The East Riding FA is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with SNAP Sponsorship to help provide clubs, teams and leagues with vital sponsorship support.

The partnership aims to give East Riding FA stakeholders the opportunity to establish sponsorship deals easily and effectively enabling them to become more sustainable and help to provide an even better experience for their players.

SNAP Sponsorship is a not-for-profit business dedicated to helping the survival of grassroots, local and regional sport in the UK. SNAP run an online sponsorship management, education and social sharing tool designed in-hand with grassroots volunteers to help all sports clubs toward financial sustainability through sponsorship success.

The digital platform helps clubs to…

Save time attracting sponsors to support their club or league.

Create a one stop shop to promote potential sponsorship opportunities to a wider audience.

Allow users to build a profile highlighting what they're looking for and potential sponsors can search for these opportunities and get in touch.

Access best practice when it comes to negotiating and securing sponsorship.

Provide financial reports and social media support to increase engagement.

Automatic contract and agreement generator taking much of the legal pressures away from you

Sponsorship opportunities can be as little or as big as you like including the opportunity for companies to complete 'a checkout' style option if they want to sponsor on a one time only basis, for example, becoming a match day sponsor.

Their unique sponsorship portal enables effective management of sponsorship, while your professional profile, built by their team, allows potential sponsors to see all necessary information all in one place. 

SNAP now build profiles on behalf of their grassroots sports clubs, saving additional precious time and adding to the possibility of increased sponsorship success.

For just £295, their Account Managers will build your professional profile with the benefit of experience working with various different sports. You’ll be returned a ready-to-use platform which will increase your chances of selling sponsorship effectively and allow you to manage and report on your existing sponsors more efficiently. With your assigned Account Manager building the profile, your volunteers’ time doesn’t need to be spent doing so, which is a win win.

After setting up your profile, your Account Manager will be there to support you through your journey on the SNAP platform, sharing tips and insights for both securing and renewing deals, including activation ideas to get new partnerships off the ground, social sharing guidelines and more.

Using our ‘East Riding FA’ discount code, you can claim your monthly subscription for just £8.25 - sign up now and join the hundreds of other clubs succeeding with SNAP.

To help clubs understand the benefits SNAP are running a number of webinars for clubs in our county.