December 2021

East Riding Futsal Club

East Riding FA Club of the Month
December 2021


The East Riding FA Club of the Month award recognizes the clubs in our county who are going above and beyond to create a fun, safe and inclusive environment for people to play and enjoy football.

These clubs are doing extraordinary things to support their community and are supported by volunteers who work tirelessly for the benefit of others.

The winner of this months award is East Riding Futsal Club who are credited with providing opportunities for people of all ages to play Futsal in Hull and East Riding in a sustainable and progressive manner.

The club was started back in 2018 with the simple aim of growing the game of Futsal as much as they could. The club now boasts opportunities from U7s through to open age with the club keen to ensure a full player pathway is in place so that young people can aspire to playing with and against some of the most talented futsal players in the country.

Since the clubs inception they have worked hard to unearth many talented players with the clubs men's senior team currently topping the LNFS North League. This is no accident though with the the club supported by a dedicated group of volunteers. 

Club Chairman Danny Clarke said; "We have built our own community, with many of the parents sponsoring the club and supporting all of our projects. Volunteers are pivotal within any grassroots clubs. We have people operating social media voluntarily, taking photos and videos, timekeeping and refereeing. There is also a lot people don't see, such as putting together coaching curriculums, and coming up with ideas to support kids with mental health issues."

What makes East Riding Futsal Club stand out though is the way they have managed to welcome so many different nationalities to the club.

Danny Clarke commented; "Our men's first team is incredibly diverse. Our starting five players normally consists of a Romanian, Latvian, Portuguese, English and Estonian nationalities. Many of our players speak Russian, we have Brazilian and French players, and obviously a good 5 or 6 English players too. Ages vary from 18 to 42,  So integrating players is easy, there's always someone that new players can connect with."

Whilst the club aims to be the focal point for futsal in East Riding they continue to support other clubs with their development and are keen for more futsal clubs to be created in the local area. They are also looking beyond the county in their attempt to grow the club.

Danny Clarke said; "Our short term goal back in 2018 was to become the leading Futsal club within the region which we believe we have achieved. If anyone wants to play Futsal, we have an opportunity for them, but getting to this stage wasn't easy. Our long term ambition is to become the largest Futsal Club within the country. We have the facilities, we have a county full of talent, we have the club, the academy and the coaches."

When asked what it meant to be named the East Riding FA Club of the Month for December Club Secretary David Lawty said; "Amazing, and another proud moment for Team Futsal after The East Riding Futsal League won the Grassroots League Of The Year. Before we started in 2018, Futsal wasn't where it is now, it's been a tough few years to get it to this stage. The recognition of our work is greatly appreciated, we do it for the kids as they are the future of the sport. With the Mens team sitting on top of the National League and The Academy training and fixtures in full flow, it's a great way to end the year."

If you would liek to get involved with East Riding Futsal Club then head to their website or alternatively check out the clubs Facebook page.

East Riding Futsal Club will now receive a nomination for Club of the Year at the 2022 FA and McDonalds Grassroots Football Awards.

If your club deserves recognition for the work, it does then please click here and make your nomination for next months award.