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Support those who support you!

Friday 18th September 2020
Promote your clubs sponsors


The sound of the referees whistle, the sense of anticipation as you eagerly await your teams next fixture, the happiness you feel when you take to the field with your team mates. All these things are synonymous with grassroots football in our county. 

These wouldn't happen though without the tireless dedication from an army of volunteers and the financial backing provided by businesses across the East Riding. Without the generous support provided by business across our region grassroots football would simply not function to the high standard we have all become accustomed to.

That is why we want to shine a spotlight on the business and companies that support your football club, the business that provide crucial support so that you can take to the field each weekend. The businesses and companies that provide you with a playing kit. The businesses and the companies that provide vital equipment so that you can host training sessions.

On Friday 18th September we want you to take to Twitter and celebrate your sponsors, we will then retweet all your messages of thanks to our network of followers and shine a spotlight on the business and companies that enable grassroots football to take place each weekend.

After months of confusion and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic now is the time to thanks the sponsors that have gone above and beyond to support grassroots football in our county. Many of these businesses have suffered significant challenges as a result of COVID-19 which is why it is essential that we recognises and celebrate their support for grassroots football. So please, join us in thanking the regions businesses, the ones that have put their hand in their pocket to sponsor your club.

Lets SUPPORT those who SUPPORT you!


On Friday 18th September we want you to tweet from your club twitter account the names of the business and companies that sponsor your club. Include the hashtag #WETHANKYOU and we will then retweet all your tweets and join you in celebrating the regions grassroots football supporters.