Player Registration Webinars

The FA
For Club and League Officers

Join the FA Player Registration webinars throughout May 

Find out how hundreds of clubs are making their admin more efficient by registering players with an email address using The FA Whole Game System.

Join the Player Registration Webinar and learn how to:

• Add player registration officers

• Search for, add, create and detach players

• Add consent, ID check and photo

• Assign players to team(s)

• Submit to league

• Add a player's email / parent link

• Produce squad lists

There will also be a Q&A session after each presentation, giving you a chance to pose your questions to our Technology Adoption Team and Grassroots Service Desk.

Monday 4th May - 7pm

Thursday 7th May - 7pm

Tuesday 12th May - 2pm

Wednesday 13th May - 7pm

Monday 18th May - 2pm

Thursday 21st May - 7pm

Tuesday 26th May - 7pm

Wednesday 27th May - 7pm

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By 2022, every football player in the country will be digitally registered through the Whole Game System with an email. 

Get ahead of the game and do it this season for your club to be able to receive all the benefits.