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Discounted Defibrillators

For Grassroots Football Clubs
£695 plus VAT


The Football Association is working in partnership with WEL Medical to provide the award-winning iPAD SP1 defibrillator at a unique price. As their strategic supply partner, Wel Medical are working with the FA to provide lifesaving iPAD SP1 defibrillators to all for Grassroots and Amateur football clubs in England.

The media has covered many high-profile footballers who have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) but a lesser known fact is that 12- 14 young people die every week from a sudden cardiac arrest  – there are no outward signs, no warning and no chance of survival without a defibrillator.

For every minute lost, their chance of survival reduces by 10%, this means there is just ten minutes to save their life. The recommended time for an ambulance to reach a patient is seven minutes, if there are no traffic hold ups and the location is easy to access. 

Can you take that risk?

The iPAD SP1 is used by the Emergency services (NHS Ambulance, Police & Fire) and has the support of the British Heart Foundation because it is designed for use by anyone, trained or not.

The FA special price is £695+VAT for grassroots clubs, a considerable saving on the usual cost of this award-winning defibrillator at £1,325+VAT.  Wel Medical also provide free videos, leaflets and fund-raising kits and are always there to support you.

In the time it has taken you to read this email, another person will have had a sudden cardiac arrest, if they survive, it will be because a defibrillator has been quickly deployed.

Make you club a HEARTSAFE club!