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Essential Information Guide For Clubs

2019/20 season

Here are a few things that Players/Managers need to be aware of for the discipline process;

  1. Temporary Dismissals (Sin Bins) are coming in for all teams this season.For anyone who would like to know about this click here.

    A couple of things to remember;

    • if a player receives 2 sin bin offences in a match, they will receive a 1 match suspension, a fine and an administration fee
    • Sin bin offences count towards a player/team misconduct i.e. sin bins count towards a player reaching 5 cautions and they count towards a team reaching 6 dissent offences
    • Sin bins can only be given to players on the field of play.Not a substitute or a Manager
    • If you do not have an appointed referee for your match it would be best to get Managers/Coaches/parents to have a look at the sin bin link in case they are called upon to officiate the match


  2. If a person commits any misconduct in technical area (or where managers/subs are stood) and it is not clear who committed the offence, and nobody owns up to it then the senior coach/manager will receive the charge/card.


  3. If a match is abandoned due to the Manager/coach taking his/her team off, then that Manager will be charged and not a Club charge as previously.


  4. Red card offences for coaches/managers should carry at least a 1 match (ground ban).Previously they may have received touchline bans but from this season these will all be ground bans.


For more detailed information about the discipline process and other information for Clubs have a look at the Essential Information Guide for Clubs Steps 5 and below.