The FA Walking Football Referees Course


Aims and Outcomes of the Workshop:

Attendance at the workshop will equip learners with the key skills and knowledge to be able to referee walking football safely and effectively. Learners will understand the key elements of refereeing walking football, the differences between walking football and ‘mainstream’ football and will have demonstrated that they can apply the Laws of Walking Football effectively.

The Workshop is for: 

The workshop will benefit both qualified referees and walking football players who are interested in refereeing Walking Football.

Workshop Content 

Pre-workshop, learners are required to watch a selection of match clips to familiarise themselves with the key elements of walking football. Learners will also be asked to review the ‘Laws of Walking Football Made Simple’. During the face-to-face element, there is a mixture of theory and practical activity. Learners will:

  • Consider the skills, knowledge and attributes required of an effective walking football referee
  • Discuss the key differences between walking football and ‘mainstream’ football
  • Have a go at refereeing walking football. Learners will also be required to play walking football during the workshop, essential if they are to better understand the game 

Learners will receive:

Learners will receive PDF versions of the full Laws of Walking Football and the ‘Laws Made Simple’.

Will Dodds

Referee Development Officer

07798 884500

Available Dates

Unfortunately there are no available dates.