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FA Mars Just Play

Recreational Football at its best

The FA Just Play is a key part of The FA's National Game Strategy, aiming to support the growth of the game.

The FA Mars Just Play! gives the casual footballer a chance to just turn up to a venue and play football. The Just Play kickabout is recreational football at its best – it’s about turning up for an hour of exercise and a bit of fun. It’s football for those who can’t or don’t want to commit to an eight-month long season of matches and training.

Frankly, it’s jumpers for goalposts, but we provide the balls, pitch and teams.

FA Mars Just Play! is purely for adults, for men, for women, for those who think they’re talented and for those who think they aren’t. It’s also for those with a disability or for 16–25s or women-only or even veterans; there’s a kickabout designed specifically for you, whatever your age or ability.

There are Just Play kickabouts up and down the country, with 400 centres running since the programme launched in 2011. Sessions or ‘kickabouts’ are run on a weekly basis over 32 weeks of the year by a Level 1 coach.

Don’t leave your love of football back in the day. Contact your local organiser or use the search box to locate your nearest kickabout, turn up and Just Play!

Chris Johnson

Communications and Participation Officer



Below is a number of FA Mars Just Play sessions that are currently taking place in Hull and the East Riding

monday sessions 

TIME | 19:00 - 20:00

COST | £3.50

VENUE | Hull University Sports Centre, Inglemire Lane, Hull

SURFACE | Outdoor 3G

CONTACT | 01482 221158 - Chris.johnson@eastridingfa.com

TIME | 18:00 - 19:00

COST | £3.50

VENUE | University of Hull, Inglemire Lane, Hull

SURFACE | Outdoor 3G 

CONTACT | 01482 221158 - chris.johnson@eastridingfa.com

Admittance to this session via pre booking only. Book your place now by clicking here.
wednesday sessions 

TIME | 14:00 - 16:00

COST | £2

VENUE: University of Hull Sports Centre, Inglemire Lane, Hull

SURFACE | Outdoor 3G

CONTACT | 01482 466234

thursday sessions

TIME | 19:00 - 20:00

COST | £3.50

VENUE | University of Hull, Inglemire Lane, Hull

SURFACE | Indoor hard wood

CONTACT | 01482 221158 - chris.johnson@eastridingfa.com

Admittance to this session is by pre booking only. Click here to book a place.

TIME | 20:30 - 22:00

COST | £2

VENUE | University of Hull, Allam Sport Centre, Inglemire Lane, Hull

SURFACE | Indoor hard wood

CONTACT | 01482 466234 - sport@hullc.ac.uk


TIME | 09:30 - 11:00

COST | £2

VENUE | Goals Soccer Centre, Hull HU5 1SG

SURFACE | Outdoor 3G

CONTACT | 01482 221158 - chris.johnsons@eastridingfa.com 

Become a Just Play Centre

If you want to become a part of the Just Play movement and becoming an organiser, or if you'd like to set up your own Just Play centre then you’ve come to the right place!

Our aim is to have FA Mars Just Play centres covering the whole country to ensure that anyone who wants to get involved has an opportunity to do so and with your help we can achieve this.

Whether you already have a group of interested participants or you’re looking to provide an opportunity for those in your local community then we want to hear from you and in return we can offer a range of benefits to getting involved:

- Equipment pack – Each centre will receive 5 Nike Footballs, a set of branded bibs, cones and a marketing banner giving you all you need for a successful session.

- Digital marketing library – You will be provided with access to a range of digital marketing assets including A4 & A3 Posters, A5 Leaflets, Social, Digital & Email Signatures to help you promote your new centre.

- Just Play organiser kit – Each organiser will receive Nike branded kit including t-shirt, shorts, pants and rain jacket to ensure you look the part, whatever the weather!

- Just Play organiser support – Guidance and support provided to all session leads to help maximise delivery.

- FA events platform – A new digital platform upon which you simply and easily organise your kickabouts, leaving more time for the fun stuff, like playing football.

- National promotion – The FA & Mars will help promote the programme nationally helping to attract potential new participants to your kickabouts.


In return for all that support we have some minimum requirements that we need to know are in place in order to get your FA Mars Just Play Centre up and running. These are focused on creating the safe, high quality environment that we know your future participants are looking for and include:

- Each session should be supervised by a Just Play organiser of 18 years or over with a current Level One Certificate in Coaching Football (or a Futsal Level 1 for Just Play Futsal sessions) & FA Emergency Aid Certificate
- Completion of a full risk assessment before the first session takes place that is regularly updated. We will provide you with a template and support for how to complete
- Delivery for a minimum of 32 weeks across the year
- Provision of adequately stocked first aid kit at all sessions
- Submission of attendance records via the Events Platform in a timely manner
- Ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place (including insurance, Health & Safety and Equal Opportunities policies)