Flexi Play

Recreational football for men

Are You Yearning For That Dressing Room Banter And The Chance To Enjoy A Friendly Kick About?

Flexi Play provides men in Hull and East Riding with the opportunity to play football without the pressure of making a weekly commitment or signing up to a team. Players are welcome to attend as and when they are available with the sessions being fun, friendly and frequent. Emphasis is placed on participation more than winning with success determined by your enjoyment of the game.

Yes winning is good but it should never be at the detriment of enjoyment. Flexi Play embodies this ethos and promotes it thorough out each of its kick abouts!

All out kicks about promote friendship and inclusivity with people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds encouraged to attend.

Attendees are also invited to participate in occasional 11-a-side Challenge Matches against a multitude of opponents with everyone who attends the Flexi Play kick abouts offered the opportunity to play. Flexi Play also supports a number of local good causes through various fundraising initiatives.

For more information about Flexi Play please contact Chris Johnson on 07826344661 or Chris.johnson@eastridingfa.com