FA Order of Merit

For Services to Grassroots Football

FA Order of Merit 2023

The FA Order of Merit is presented to people for their long service to grassroots football in England.

The recipients of this award have dedicated over 50 years of their life to football and are integral members of the local grassroots football community. The recipients have refereed matches, coached players, organised fixtures and enjoyed long playing careers.

We are proud to recognise their dedication and achievements and we look forward to celebrating many more members of our grassroots football community in the future.

Here is every recipient of the FA Order of Merit so far:

Name Year Name Year
S. Akester 2018 J. Crow 2003
J. Bates 2019 M. Rawding 2004
D. Clubley 2019 G. Barron 2004
F. Windas 2019 A. Exton 2005
P. Harrison 2019 K. Briggs 2006
D. Furniss 2019 B. Nicholson 2006
N. Harris 2019 P. Ellis 2007
W. Owst 2019 D. Failey 2007
C. Render 2019 K. Watson 2008
T. Rose 2019 A. Frisby 2008
T. Heselwood 2021 C. Cartlich 2010
D. Drewry 2022 G. Hanson 2010
C. Thomas 2022 F. Broughton 2011
J. Traynor 2022 P. Summerbell 2012
M. Harness 2022 P. Smith 2012
M. Goforth 2022 J. Wilson 2012
H. Woodmansey 2022 A. Youngs 2013
P. Harrison 2022 M. Reeves 2013
M. Mellors 2022 A. Brummit 2014
M. Edge 2023 D. Waterson 2014
C. Daniel 2023 p. Smurthwaite 2017
M. Wilson 2023 R. Smith 2017
C. Clarkson 2023 J. Sugden 2017
C. Bodsworth 2023

To be eligible for this award, the nominated individual must have completed 50 years as a football volunteer, inclusive of playing career but excluding any football played at school under the age of 16.

If you have dedicated 50 or more years to grassroots football or know someone who has then please click on the link below and nominate them.