VEO Camera Partnership

VEO Partner Programme



Veo is the simple and portable sports camera. VEO's goal is to help every player and team take their game and sport up a level. They do it with a camera that can automatically record and live-stream sport and a state-of-the-art analysis platform, all powered by AI.


Recording and streaming grassroots sport used to be an inconvenient task. It required an elevated platform, an expensive camera, and a skilled camera operator who could stay focused throughout the entire game. After a match or training session, a qualified person should cut and edit videos, and clubs needed a server with space for numerous full recordings of matches.


With a combination of advanced AI technology and ease of use, VEO have made this whole process easy and available for everybody, and VEO has become a natural part of sport pitches worldwide.

East Riding FA affiliated clubs can enjoy a £200 discount on a VEO camera when purchasing a 1-year or 2-year Team, Club or Enterprise subscription.

VEO have also launched a new Starter Subscription which allows grassroots football clubs to film up to 5 games a month at a price of just £360 a year.

With this reduced subscription cost you can also combine your £200 discount on the camera bringing the camera, subscription and tripod cost down to Veo's lowest price EVER! 


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