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Local Football Facility Plans


Every local authority area in England has a Local Facility Football Plan to enable investment in football facilities to be accurately targeted.
The purpose of the Plans are to identify the priority projects for potential investment in your local area. The FA alongside the Premier League and Sport England (on behalf of the Government) have created all LFFPs.

The national funding partners have significantly increased investment to accelerate efforts to deliver more and better football facilities for the grassroots game. Kingston upon Hull proposes a programme of 24 priority projects for potential investment and the East Riding of Yorkshire plan proposes a programme of 27 priority projects that will transform local football facilities, including 3G FTPs, improved grass pitches, changing rooms pavilions/clubhouses and small-sided facilities.

The LFFP’s will be the go-to document for football facility investment in Kingston upon Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire. However, it does not guarantee the success of future funding applications; each of the priority projects identified will still have to follow an application process to show how it will deliver key participation outcomes, be a quality & sustainable facility and demonstrate suitable match-funding.


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Kingston upon Hull

7 Full size 3G FTPs

33 Improved grass pitches

5 Changing rooms / pavilions/ clubhouses

7 Small sided facilities

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East Riding of Yorkshire

6 3G FTPs

48 Improved grass pitches

13 Changing rooms/ pavilions/ clubhouses

4 Small-sided facilities