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Player Registration

Online Player Registration

As part of a commitment by The FA and County FAs to improve the administration experience for grassroots football volunteers, new online player registration functionality has recently been introduced into the Whole Game System (WGS)

The process for registering a player via the Whole Game System Portal requires input from the club, player, league, and in some instances the County FA.

Once the league has confirmed the set-up process the Club Secretary or nominated Player Registration Officer should:

  • Log into the Whole Game System using FAN and Password
  • Select the Player Registration tab
  • Select the Club Players tab
  • Add, Detatch, Transfer and submit players to league (do this as necessary to each individual player)
  • Once information is submitted leagues will review and approve clubs online registrations information

For more information and guidance on registering players on the Whole Game System please see the guide below. 

Tina Edwards 

Football Governance administrator

Telephone: 07766747901


online player registration faq's

The player registration lead for the East Riding County FA is Tina Edwards and she can be contacted either on 01482 221158 or by email on

You can be a Player Registration Officer for the Club and this can be done by your Club Secretary logging onto the Whole Game System and adding you as this role. Alternatively the Club Secretary can contact Tina Edwards at the County FA and she can assign you to the role.

Contact your Player Registration lead at the County FA and they can merge the two FANs together.

It may take up to 48 hours for the merge to be completed.

Initially contact your Player Registration lead at the County FA and she will check and make sure that the player isn’t already on the system.

If they are definitely not on the system you can click on the link ‘create new player’.

This is usually quite a quick process but when there are a lot of people using the system, it can take an hour or so.

Once the player has a FAN, it will appear to the right of the players name starting with #.

You can only change the address details for the player by clicking on to the players name and then ‘edit details’.

Scroll down and change the address there.

In connection with the Name and date of birth, this can only be changed by your County FA. Email with the players FAN and clearly state what needs to be changed.

The league will need to approve these registrations, this depends on the League and how often they access Whole Game to approve registrations. Contact your League Registration Officer for more information. 

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