Young Volunteers

Young Volunteers

Develop into a Young Leader

Enthusiastic? Passionate about football? Motivated?

Then why not play your part in developing the future of football within the East Riding.

Whether it's coaching, refereeing, administration, football needs and welcomes young volunteers to help support and develop the game.

The FA have a National Programme to support Young Volunteers, find out more about the Football Futures programme below.

The FA Football Futures Leadership programme aims to recruit, retain, develop and reward and provide a progressive pathway for young leaders to develop a skilled workforce.

The programme is for any young person between the aged of 14 and 19, who has an interest in getting involved in football leadership and volunteering. This can be in a range of environments be it at school, college, university, or with a Charter Standard Club or League. Young leaders can choose from a variety of activities from assisting with the coaching or running of a team, acting as the press officer for a league, refereeing or being a Respect Ambassador to name a few.

Below are a number of ways in which you can volunteer in the Football Futures Programme across the 6 different themes:

Football futures themes

We can provide opportunities for you to work within local Charter Standard Clubs coaching or shadowing other coaches within the club. You can also volunteer within your School, College or University working with teams as part of their 11-aside programme. Alternatively you could work with teams in a intra mural programme such as Team 19 if there’s one running. You may also be able to get involved with a Just Play session if you’re School, College or University run one. Setting up fun football based games.

You can volunteer as a referee at your School, College or University refereeing games as part of the 11-aside or 5-aside intra mural programme. You can also referee at any festivals or tournaments they may organise

You can volunteer with your local Charter Standard League supporting the League or Referee Secretary arranging officials for the weekly fixtures, recording results and putting them online. You can also work with your local Charter Standard Club. Taking minutes at meetings or helping with a club development plan. You can also work supporting the intra mural programme within your School, College or University, or any other FA programmes they may be running.

You can help organise the intra mural programme at your School, College or University. You might want organise end of term or year tournaments as well to round off these programmes. You can also work with Charter Standard Teams to organise end of season tournaments or fundraising activities through the course of the season.

Many young leaders will probably have already been involved in promoting the game through volunteering activities and not even have realised it! For example, creating a Facebook group for your club, team or league? That is part of promoting the game. Running a website? Writing match reports? Photography? The Promoting the Game strand of the Football Futures programme is designed to cater for these activities.

You can volunteer as a RESPECT Ambassador at a Charter Standard league or team or at your School College or University. You can make sure RESPECT barriers are visible at games, make sure that players and spectators adhere to the clubs code of conduct. Or you could create a RESPECT programme for a club or league.

Once you have registered on the programme and identified a theme you will be working in, you will receive a log book where you can log all of your hours that you volunteer at your club.

Once you reach volunteering milestones with the hours you have logged you will receive a certificate along with rewards, including, a football futures t-shirt, support with course costs, and support with kit and equipment costs.


Contact Kirsty Leake at the East Riding County FA for an application form.

If you don't have a current club we can find you a club to volunteer with, there are plenty of clubs that will welcome young volunteers to take up a variety of roles at their club.

You will be assigned a mentor at the club you are volunteering at to support you with your role at the club and through your volunteering journey. Whilst you are involved in the programme, the CFA will support you in gaining qualifications, organising workshops and providing you with development opportunities.

Once you reach the following milestones of; 10, 25,50,75,100,125,150,175 and 200 hours you will receive a certificate and various rewards, these include vouchers for courses with the CFA, vouchers for kit and equipment and a football futures t-shirt.

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