Laws of the Game

FIFA are the sole arbiters of the laws of the game and they've issued a publication which you can download from the bottom of this page to explain these in great details. From 1st June the Revised Laws of The Game 2016/17 shall be applied

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) have revised and updated the Laws to make it far more easier to read, understand and in line with football in the 21st Century

Today's version continues to be based upon the rules that were first ratified by the IFAB when it was founded in 1886. Changes have occurred in accordance with specific evolution and demands of modern football.

But the Key element remains of football being seen as essentially a simple game, with laws that can be applied in the same way at any level, from Wembley to the local parks.

All referees should familiarise themselves and understand the new laws as they are now effective for this season.

There are over 90 amendments to the Laws of the Game and whilst some of them are simply a change in wording, there are over 20 which will impact significantly on the game.

One of the more notable changes is an alteration to Law 12, the denial od a goal scoring opportunity (DOGSO) in the penalty area. If the referee deems the foul to have been accidental or a genuine attempt to play the ball, the player is cautioned where as they would previously have been sent off.

For more detailed information, please see the various documents below. This is highly recommended reading for those involved in the game, whatever the level.

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