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Are you yearning for that dressing room banter and the chance to enjoy a friendly kick about? Men City is for anyone aged 16+ who wants to go back to their roots and experience those Roy of the Rovers moments out on the pitch once again.

The project provides men in Hull and East Riding with the opportunity to play football without the pressure of making a weekly commitment or signing up to a team. Players are welcome to attend as and when they are available with the sessions being fun, friendly and frequent. 

Most importantly success is determined by your participation and not the result out on the pitch. Yes winning is good but it should never be at the detriment of enjoyment. Men City embody's this ethos and promotes it thorough out each of its kick abouts.

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Chris Johnson

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01482 221158

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9:30am - 4:30pm (Mon - Fri)

men city faqs

Men City is a series of recreational turn up and play football sessions delivered by the East Riding County FA. It aims to create a warm and welcoming environment that encourages participation regardless of a persons ability, fitness or experience.

You are certain to receive a warm welcome from everyone who attends the sessions. A typical session includes lots banter, lots football and lots of feel good exercise. We encourage camaraderie and positivity and most definitely welcome people who feel isolated or need that stress busting hour of exercise.

As we use two of the regions premier football centres we also have use of there excellent facilities and encourage participants to stay behind, enjoy a drink and continue the enjoyment fun and games off the pitch.

On average a typical Men City session can attract anywhere between 20 to 40 participants.

Anyone aged 16+.

As it is a turn up and play football session with no sign up required we don't know how many people will turn up until the morning of the kick about. Once everyone arrives we split everyone in to a number of teams and play a round robin series of games. Its a simple model but we find that our players like it kept simple with the focus on playing the beautiful game.

Men City takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Where can i play?

Find details below of you local Men City kick about

MEN City                                                                                                             

Wednesday 7-8pm

Goals Soccer Hull



Goals Soccer Centre Hull



Goals Soccer Centre Hull



Goals Soccer Centre


Thursday 7-8pm

Goals Soccer Hull


Monday 6-7pm

University of Hull



Monday 7-8pm

Goals Soccer Centre Hull


Monday 7-8pm

Goals soccer centre Hull


Tuesday 7-8pm

Goals Soccer Centre Hull


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Men City is a fantastic project that engages Men from all different backgrounds. Not only have we created new football opportunities but we have also helped create friendships that will last a life time.
- Chris Johnson (Clubs and Participation Development Officer) Get in touch