Promotion Scheme

Once you have qualified as a referee, you are able to apply for promotion through The County FA's refereeing stucture. To gain promotion, you must successfully complete all modules of the process and reach above standard in the Match Day Observation scheme.

Upon passing the Basic Referees Course, match officials become Level 8 referees if under the age of 16, or Level 7 referees if over 16, qualifying to officiate local grassroots football.

To apply for promotion from Level 7 to Level 6 a referee must have officiated as a referee in a minimum of 20 games in one registration period and be required to:

•Complete 20 games of 11 v 11 football (Note, 70% of these must be in open age competitive football, with up to 30% allowed in Youth football 11 v 11 games.
•Attend at least one promotion seminar and pass a test on the Laws of the Game (these are usually done at the same time)
•Receive a minimum of 3 Match Day Observations

For Level 6 referees similar conditions apply, except referees must also act as an assistant referee on a minimum of at least 5 games during the same period and be assessed as a Level 6 on a minimum of 3 occasions.

Level 5-4

All Level 5 to 4 promotion candidates will be expected to meet the following criteria:

* referee a minimum of 20 adult male/female matches in total during the period 1st March 2017-28th February 2018
* complete a minimum of ten appointments as assistant referee on adult male/female matches during the period 1st March 2017-28th February 2018 (it is recommended that as many as possible are at Supply League level)
* be prepared and regularly available to referee Saturday and midweek matches
* attend one of a possible nine regional in-service Nomination Training Sessions, delivered by The Football Association
* successfully complete an examination on the laws of the game
* successfully complete an FA Referee Fitness Test prior to nomination (the minimum standard to be attained is: twelve-minute continuous run, with a minimum distance completed of 2,600 metres; two 50-metre sprints with a maximum of 7.5 seconds for each sprint)

A Match Day Observation is when a registered County FA Observer (previously assessor) watches you referee and provides you with a constructive report on your performance. Observers also send a confidential mark on the copy of the report, which is sent to the County FA.

Level 5 referees may then be eligible for promotion to more senior competitions. These promotions are decided on by The FA after the County FA nominates those Level 5’s who meet the criteria set by The FA.This would involve refereeing in a 'supply league - Level 4', and being an assistant referee in a 'Contributory League - Level 3'. Further promotion would take you on to a 'Panel League - Level 2' and eventually, on to the 'National list of Referees - Level 1'.

The standard fitness test for Level 4 referees involves a 12 minute continuous run where a distance of 2600 metres must be completed followed by 2 x 50 metre sprints each being completed within 7.5 seconds.

 All applicants must also meet the following;  

* re-register by 1st June 2017
* respond to all correspondence in writing efficiently, preferably via E-Mail
* maintain a record of all matches, whether as a referee or assistant referee
* be proficient in the completion of misconduct report writing through the Whole Game System and attend disciplinary hearings as required

Once you have reviewed the promotion criteria, and you are satisfied that you will be able to complete those requirements  for your level, then you should complete the Promotion Scheme Application Form at the foot of this page. 

Following the closure of applications on the 1st June 2017, you will be contacted with confirmation of their place in the promotion system along with the necessary details of in-service and or fitness test dates.  

To find out more about Referee Promotions, contact Steve Lazenby on 01482 221158 or email

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