Are you yearning for that dressing room banter and the chance to enjoy a friendly kick about? Men City is for anyone aged 16+ who wants to go back to their roots and experience those Roy of the Rovers moments in the park or playground again.

What is Men City?

Born out of #BlokesUnited Men City is a series of recreational turn up and play football sessions delivered by the East Riding County FA. It aims to create a warm and welcoming environment that encourages participation regardless of a persons ability, fitness or experience.

What can I expect?

You are certain to receive a warm welcome from everyone who attends the sessions. A typical session includes lots banter, lots football and lots of feel good exercise. We encourage camaraderie and positivity and most definitely welcome people who feel isolated or need that stress busting hour of exercise.

As we use one of the regions premier small sided centres we also have use of there excellent facilities and encourage participants to stay behind, enjoy a drink and continue the enjoyment fun and games off the pitch.

Do many people turn up?

On average a typical Men City session can attract anywhere between 20 to 40 participants.

Who can play?

Anyone aged 16+.

What does a Men City session look like?

As it is a turn up and play football session with no sign up required we don't know how many people will turn up until the morning of the kick about. Once everyone arrives we split everyone in to a number of teams and play a round robin series of games. Its a simple model but we find that our players like it kept simple with the focus on playing the beautiful game.

When does it take place?

Men City takes place every Saturday morning and Thursday evening.

Where does it take place?

Soccer Saturday  10 - 11am Goals Soccer Centre  Ipark Industrial Estate, Bank Side, Hull HU5 1SG 
Football Thursday  7 - 8pm Goals Soccer Centre  Ipark Industrial Estate, Bank Side, Hull HU5 1SG

Who should I contact if I want more information?

Please get in touch with Recreational Football Development Officer, Chris Johnson on 01482 221158 or




Aged 50+ and fancy a kick about? Men City is starting a new recreational turn up and play football session specifically for men who are in the vintage of their football career. At Men City we believe football should be accessible to all and this new recreational football session will provide yet another opportunity for men in out region to enjoy a kick about. Starting on 2nd May at the University of Hull the session will cost just £3 and be run in exactly the same guise as all the other Men City session.




Men City is expanding! Starting this Thursday (16/03/17) at Andrew Marvell College we are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Men City kick about. Delivered in exactly the same format as the popular 'Soccer Saturday' turn up and play football session it aims to give you the opportunity to get your football fix on a midweek evening.



Futsal is coming! Starting on Thursday 6th April at Sirius Academy North this session is designed specifically for men aged 40 and over. For those who don't know already Futsal is the game that the Brazilians have fallen in love with, its fast, its furious, its different, most importantly though its fun! With the focus placed firmly on demonstrating your skill and prowess rather than how hard you can tackle or how far you can punt the ball it is perfect for people who are in the more mature stages of their football career. Led by Joe Duffy from City Allstars this brand new turn up and play session promises to build on the atmosphere and inclusivity that Men City has created and add a Brazilian twist.



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