Man V Fat season three

After a successful second season of Man V Fat football we are pleased to announce the launch of our third season of our fantastic weight loss football league. The only football league in the regions that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a kick about and lose weight.

Man V Fat is a football league specifically for guys who want to lose weight.

Every player is in the same situation and wants the same thing - to enjoy football, lose weight and get healthier.

Uniquely, the league is decided not just on points won, but by pounds lost as well. We give support to every players with unique resources, inspiration and 24/7 support to help YOU lose weight get fitter and enjoy the beautiful game.

The second season of our Man V Fat league in Hull yielded some amazing results for its participants with each player losing on average 6.5kg. To help decided if this league is for you please read below:

What happened in season two?

- Over 45 players took part

- The single biggest loss by one player was 18kg

- On average each player lost at least 6.5kg in weight

- In total the league achieved a combined weight loss of 257kg

What is Man V Fat?

Man V Fat is a football league for men who want to lose weight. It provides men with the opportunity to play football and gain advice and support with losing weight.

How much does it cost?

It costs £9.99 to register as a player, or £14.99 with a copy of the five star rated Man V Fat weight loss manual. You then sign up to a league and pay £6 per week (in monthly instalments).

How much weight will I lose?

If you put in maximum effort and use the excellent resources that are provided then you could be part of the 62% of people who lose at least 5% of their current body weight. 95% of players who sign up to Man V Fat will lose weight.

Why do men join the league?

Because they love football and hate being fat. They see all the things that their weight is cheating them out of and decide enough is enough. They have had enough of being out of breath after playing with the kids, they have had enough of the aches and pains, they have had enough of never finding clothes that fit. All of them join with the motivation to lose weight and do so in a way that is truly enjoyable and inspiring.

Am I fit enough to play?

Because leagues are not just decided by what happens out on the pitch but also by the weight that is lost off it means that everyone can contribute. To qualify to play in the league you must have a BMI of 27.5 or over. to see if you qualify please take the test byclicking here.

How do I join a team?

At the start of the season we place everyone who has signed up in to a team. We look at the BMI of each player, the preferred playing positions and estimated weight. After considering all of this we then select teams of equal ability.

Where and when does the league star?

Season three kicks off on Tuesday 12th September (registration session) followed by the first games of the season which commence on Tuesday 19th September. all games take place at the Steve Prescott Sports Centre between 7-8pm.

Please note that you can join the league at any point, if you miss the first few weeks then don't worry, join as and when you can.

How do I register to join?

To join season three of Man V Fat Hull please click here and register your details.

Require more information?

Please contact Chris Johnson on 01482 221158 or

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