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Learning and development is an active, continuous process. It's a journey that never ends. And one that is shaped by experiences and learning opportunities gathered anywhere, anytime.

To support your journey, The FA provides a range of learning opportunities for you to engage with. From events in your region to online resources to in situ mentoring, you can access the development support that will make the biggest impact to you and your role.


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East Riding CPD EVENTS

Following on from last month’s inaugural ERCFA Foundation Phase Mentor Group workshop at the University of Hull we are pleased to announce the second of our monthly workshops.

At the first workshop we looked at different aspects of the England DNA Foundation Phase and what it means for you as a coach of a grassroots football team. This time FA Coach Mentor Joe Tomlinson will guide you through Transition | Intelligent Attacking & Defending Reactions.

If you are not sure what the Foundation Phase is then please click here.

Please note the ERCFA Foundation Phase Mentor Group is open to any coach who is currently coaching within the Foundation Stage (5 – 11 year olds).

DNA Foundation Phase CPD Sept 18


Date: Wednesday 5th September

Venue: Hall Road Rangers, Haworth Park, Dawson Drive (off Beverley Road), Hull HU6 7DY

Start time: 6pm (arrive for 5:30pm)

End time: 8pm

To book your place, click here.

The CPD workshop will explore the use of Futsal in player development whilst identifying how you as a grassroots football coach can include this format in your training sessions. 

Workshop Tutor: Junior Roberti

Junior is the York City FC Futsal Head Coach and has led the side in over 150 games experience in the FA National Futsal League. As well as coaching Junior was also a professional Futsal player for 15 years in various countries around the world. Juniors love for the game is infectious and he brings a wealth of experience to match his huge enthusiasm.

Date: Wednesday 12th September

Venue: Steve Prescott Sports Centre, Temple Street, Hull HU5 1HU

Start time: 6:30pm (arrive for 6pm)

End time: 8:30pm

In preparation for the workshop can all learners please complete the online Futsal Transference Master Class online learning.

 To book your place click here.

Futsal CPD Sept 18




Absolutely. The FA runs events all over the country and for all levels. To explore events please visit our national CPD events page here.

If you're an FA Level 1 or 2 learner, continuous professional development hours are optional and so there is no longer a requirement for licensing .

If you're a UEFA qualified coach, however, you are required to complete 15 hours of CPD every three years to maintain your licence, which The FA recommends is best achieved by completing 5 hours per season