East Riding FA are responsible for administering the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association to enforce good discipline and fair play in the grassroots game both on and off the pitch.

To help Clubs understand the procedures and regulations of both the Match Based and Period Based systems, an interactive handbook has been produced and can be perused below.

The handbook will be a useful guide to explain the disciplinary process and details the changes that have taken place over the last few years – principally the introduction of the match based disciplinary system, and the adoption of this system for youth football.

This year’s guide also includes videos and resources that will go into greater depth to explain the disciplinary process.

Click here to view this season’s interactive handbook.

Whole Game Online Discipline Portal

Some clubs have already started to use the online Wholegame system to acknowledge, update and pay their discipline online.  This process is a quicker and more efficient way to deal with discipline thus avoiding being late or not receiving discipline through the post.  It has been designed to make the whole process simpler and more efficient.

Here is a video tutorial introducing you to the portal and below are some documents that can be downloaded and kept to help with the process.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, or would like any further information on using the Wholegame system, please contact Tina on 01482 221158 or alternatively email tina.edwards@eastridingfa.com

Useful Documents on how to use Whole Game

 How to acknowledging a

caution / dismissal

How to process invoices &

make payments 

 How to manage a

misconduct charge

Cautions in WGS   Invoices in WGS  Misconduct in WGS


 How to manage


 How to enter

suspension games

Notifications in WGS   Suspensions in WGS


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